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Gary Lewis Evans, is a Digitlord GLE@DFIN.com

Own a Unique Global Domain Name or Buy a 30 Second Super Bowl Ad For $6,500,000.
This was the analysis made by the Intercontinental Exchange
when they purchased ICE..com for $3,500,000

It is easier to establish trust with customers with a clear Domain name
that  clearly describes your business

Topic A Domain Name  Monthly
Lease Payment
3rd Year Option
 Lease Payment Will Allow Buyer to Use and Hold The Domain Off The Market
        Six Powerful DeFi and Metaverse Finance Names - I am open to a JV. - Use the lease option to tie up the name before you raise cash
1 DFIN.com $5,500
Monthly Lease Payments
Make Offer 7 Figures I first registered DFIN in 1996. Good pronounceable 4 letter domains are a premium.  Purchase includes Trademark protections. Very good for DeFi, crypto, the digital economy. and the Metaverse.
2 DFIN.TV $500 $250,000 Nice Streaming TV domain name, think ROKU or a Metaverse TV channel.
3 DFIN.US $1,000 Make Offer Powerful US domain - country names will have more power in future
Make Offer Make Offer Meta local community Name
Make Offer Make Offer Community Coin
Make Offer Make Offer World Community name
Fintech and BankTech
Topic B Domain Name Monthly
Lease Payment
3rd Year Option Comment
A Monthly Lease Payment Will Allow Your Use and Hold The Domain Off The Market
1 Digitlord.com $1000
Monthly Lease Payments
$250,000 Like landlord but for digital real estate which is the future. A Digitlord owns leases, buys and sells digital and virtual (Meta) real estate.
2 BankAARP.com $1000 Make Offer For a bank that would like to work with AARP or an AARP affinity banking site
3 NextDoorBank.com $1,000 Make Offer Friendly Challenger or traditional bank name or a bank name for the Metaverse. Good opportunity for a traditional bank to set up a Internet bank division
4 NextDoorBanc.com $1,000 Make Offer Same as above but for Europe
5 NewWaveFin.com $500 Make Offer Good DeFi or Metaverse name
6 VimBux.com $500 Make Offer Digital or Crypto Currency that fits the Metaverse
7 a2zFin.com $500 Make Offer Financial Management - Payments will apply toward purchase price
8 FinServeMe.com $500 Make Offer Fintech
9 MyFinServe.com $500 Make Offer Fintech
10 Smishing.xyz $500 Make Offer Smishing uses an SMS text message to your phone instead of a traditional email Phishing attack i.e.: Text instead of email
11 Smishing.Pro $250 Lease to Own - Make Offer "
12 Smishing.Live $200 Lease to Own - Make Offer "
13 GroovyPay $500 Lease to Own - Make Offer Payments
14 LoadAPhone $500 Lease to Own - Make Offer Payments or Phone
15 Paymency $500 Lease to Own - Make Offer Payments
16 VimBux $500 Lease to Own - Make Offer Digital Currency

Topic C Domain Name Monthly   Payment3rd Year Option         Comment
Each Domain in this group can be branded and they work well with an existing brand. The existing brand would be the umbrella entry point and these Domains will add to SEO and focused search
One Price For All 8 Car Names
McKinsey & Company - 2030 Forecast  https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/automotive-and-assembly/our-insights/disruptive-trends-that-will-transform-the-auto-industry
1 NewCarSales.com All 8 Car Names
Monthly Lease With Option to Buy
Make Offer For All Eight Names
7 Digits
A Global community of vehicle domains to enhance SEO and user experience.   New Car Sales can help auto manufacturers move to an agency dealer model and online sales.

2 NewTruckSales.com     I doubt that a group of .com names could be accumulated for the auto industry as powerful as these. In addition, all dealers have access to the API needed for easy integration.
3 UsedCarSales.com     Used Car Sales and many of these domains are easy to remember and hard to forget
4 UsedTruckSales.com Easy to remember and hard to forget
5 DigitalCarLot.com     Digital car lot is a nice umbrella entry point or sub-entry point for dealers
6 DigitalCarMall.com     Car and truck Parts, insurance and service that can cover all repairs
7 AlternativeFuel CarsForSale.com     Covers all green cars, life is much more than EV
8 AlternativeFuelTrucks
Video -  https://www.mckinsey.com/Videos/video?vid=4698899220001&plyrid=HkOJqCPWdb&aid=4F636B13-135F-434D-9847-F49937494DD9 
Topic D
Domain Name Monthly  Payment 3rd Year Option Comment
Great product or brand name for a plant based Fuel.  As an example, this includes Bio Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The word can be branded as the standard for plant based renewable fuels. Perfect for prairie grass
1 StraightVeg.com $2,500
Monthly Lease Payments
Make Offer 6 Digits

In the 1950s many would pull into a gas station and tell the attendant "Fill it with Ethyl" Now they can fill the tank or Jet fuel tank with Straight Veg.
2 StraightVeg.net $500 Make Offer The .NET extension is OK for a niche product that users will remember. As an example, Veganism = The consumption of a vegetarian diet completely devoid of animal proteins—i.e., meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. Vegans will remember .NET.

I have defined a Domain Farm as a group of related names that will magnify the SEO power in search engines.
3rd Year Option          Comment
Each domain in this group can be branded and they work well with an existing brand.  These domains will add to SEO and give consumers a commonly used phrase to input when they want a car or truck.
One Price For All 11 Pet Names
1 PetSales.com $5,000 All 11 Names
Monthly Lease with option to buy
Make Offer 7 Digits A pet community of domains to enhance SEO and user experience. The domains for sale cover all pets with a focus on dogs.
2 VetSales.com     Products for vets, easy to remember and hard to forget. A pet and vet supply company would be fully loaded and ready. I have some interesting strategies for many of these domains.
3 PuppySalesDirect
    This is the direction that pure bred puppy sales are going.  Use email to authenticate breeders. Allow qualified breeders to use this email i.e.:       Gary@PuppySalesDirect.com
4 PetSalesDirect
    Humane pet sales since all pet sales are  moving to humane breeders. The email verification strategy can be used here.
5 DogSalesDirect
    Work with Vets and create a sales registry for humane breeders of Pure Bred dogs
6 PetDryFood.com     Dry Pet Food
7 DogFoodSnacks
    Snack Food is used for training your dog. A snack is a reinforcer that causes the frequency of an action (or inaction) to increase.
8 PetLiveFood.com     Live Food is needed for many pets.
9 PetWetFood.com     Wet Food contains "a significantly higher moisture content than dry food, which can be important for pets with urinary tract conditions, or pets who don’t tend to drink enough water."
10 Freeze-DriedDogFood.com     Freeze-Dried Dog Food, "Freeze-drying preserves more of the nutritional content of the raw ingredients as compared to other methods such as cooking or dehydrating pet food."
11 Freeze-DriedPetFood.com     Freeze-Dried Pet Food. "Freeze-drying preserves more of the nutritional content of the raw ingredients."
Topic F
Domain Name Monthly  Payment 3rd Year Option Comment
1 TheDumbest
Monthly Lease Payments
Make Offer The Dumbest Generation followed the greatest generation and they are better known as Boomers
2 TooMuch
$500 Make Offer The growing number of people are classified as an Empath. This is a growing concern. Social Media is expanding our local contact reach in a troubling way.
3 AllDollMall.com $1,000 Make Offer A Marketplace platform for children or grown-up dolls.
4 DollInfo.com $1000 Make Offer Children or grown-up dolls
5 GinnyDoll.com $500 Make Offer Children or grown-up dolls.
6 Groovy60s.com $500 Make Offer Good for a clothing line or for senior products.  Austin Powers, Man of Mystery travels back in time to the groovy 1960s.
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  • Typical lease term will be 10 years
  • Digital Lessee can cancel lease with 6 months notice after 24 months
  • Lease payment will increase annually based upon the higher of the inflation rate or 2%
  • Purchase option will be available at end of year 3,6 and 10
  • Option price will be scheduled for pre-agreed to changes at years 3,6 and 10
  • Typical building lease terms
  • Offer subject to a change in price, or withdrawal from the market, due to prior sale or cancellation without notice. All information contained herein is believed to be accurate but is not warranted.


Contact: Gary Lewis Evans; GLE@DFIN.com; 858.210.0486

LinkedIn Bio; https://www.linkedin.com/in/garyevans/


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