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There’s a tricky cryptocurrency question on your tax return.  March 2022 ‘You’re playing with fire if you don’t report it.   We predict that crypto will cause many tax issues and audits.    

Internal Revenue Code On Line: A searchable and hyperlinked version of the tax code ready for your exploration. This is a great research resource for Federal Tax Questions.
Internal Revenue Code (26 USC)    

1040.COM: This site is the place to go to download federal and state tax forms. Current and prior years tax forms are available for individuals and business. The site provides tax information, and helpful links.   

IRS Tax Forms and Publications: A thorough collection of federal tax forms and publications provided by the IRS on-line.

IRS News Stand: An IRS cite containing information for the tax professional. Also, check out the IRS's Digital Daily.   

The Tax Prophet: This valuable tax information site includes newsletter information, publication, hot tax topics, course outlines, tax-lawyer advice on a wide range of topics including stock options, estate and trust tax issues. Tax Profit is a Tax Attorney.

Tax Sites: A Web site devoted exclusively to links related to taxation. Subjects include federal tax law, state taxes, international tax, tax forms, help, tips & updates, IRS sites, online tax preparation and filing, prep tax bookstore, discussions & articles, policy groups, associations, software, publishers, and academia.   

Tax Analyst : A site providing a daily tax information. A good source for up-to-the-minute tax developments.      

State and Local Tax Sites: A nice listing of state tax and municipal tax sites. Http:// : Dr. Yancey, PHD CPA consults on audit sampling and litigation support. His web site is rich with informational links.


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