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Think of a domain as digital real estate. A domain is the only asset that can be used globally, accessed simultaneously by everyone on earth and can't be duplicated. In a digital economy, business success or failure starts with the domain.  The following illustrates the thought process on a $2,000,000 existing business domain purchase.

The 2021 Purchase of

Extractions from the article,
The Plot to Kill  .com

The Harmon, brothers and co-founders of VidAngel, decided it was time for a rebrand.

Early in the branding process, they discovered that VidAngel failed a simple test: If you told it to someone, could they remember it well enough to tell someone else or find it on Google? VidAngel passed about 58% of the time, which wasn't enough.

One name did much better: Angel. A full 95% of people could remember, share and find that name.

On March 30, Two weeks later Angel Studios had reached a deal to acquire the name. The price? $2 million.

But to hear the Harmon's explain it, buying was the cheaper option by far. "Anything that doesn't pass the stress test ends up being more expensive, not less," Jeff said.

Following are bank, FinTech and miscellaneous Domain names that we are selling.   Domain name sales continue to grow as evidenced by the quarterly volume. “Total domain name transactions in Q1 2021 were $110 million, up from about $94 million in the last quarter of 2020 and $86 million in the first quarter of 2020.

What consumer bank wouldn't want to own or a Vegan product company maximizing the use of the exact match descriptive domain

Most of the names I am selling are descriptive, easy to remember and hard to forget. Our target market is the end users.  This could be a start-up or a transforming existing company that wants to grow online sales.

These are premium or super premium domain names. 

These names are sold individually. If interested send an email to   or .

Financing is available for qualified buyers.

Flexible Purchase Terms

  • Cash Sale

  • Lease

  • Lease with option to buy

  • Partnership

  • Joint Venture

  • Financing for qualified buyers

Bank and FinTech
Domain Names for Sale

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Next Door Bank

Next Door is a generic name combined with bank.  The social media site Next Door is a Global, but local social network with over 27 million users in the USA. “Nextdoor, is a social app that specializes in forging neighborhood connections." Partner with Nextdoor or launch on your own bank.

Nextdoor would do well to own the Domain name and leasing the domain name as a Digitlord to an nationwide online bank. 

Next Door Banc

A non-bank or FinTech could use this domain the way Chime provides banking


A Bank would purchase the name and Partner with AARP to use this domain

AARP would do well to own the Domain name and leasing the domain name as a Digitlord to an nationwide online bank.

NewWave Fin

NewWave Finance, a Brandable FinTech

My Fin Serve

Brandable FinTech name

Fin Serve Me

Brandable FinTech name

A2Z Fin

Brandable FinTech name

Miscellaneous Premium
Domain Names For Sale

This Group of Names are Sold Individually

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The Dumbest Generation

Everyone knows about the WW2 soldiers that have become known as the Greatest Generation. The Dumbest Generation followes the Greatest Generation. Unfortunately  their is plenty of opportunity to detail the Boomers exploites and missteps.

Today free speech and basic freedoms are threatened.  The Dumbest Generation will highlight the problems. My ancestors and yours didn't come to America for Democracy or a handout, they came to America for Freedom.

Focus on Freedom, and Democracy will take care of itself.

SEE: The-Dumbest-Generation  on Facebook

Too Much Empathy

Don't become an Empath. Their is a dark side to feeling the emotions of other people.  "In some cases it can even lead to cruelty, aggression, and distress." The human race has far more followers than leaders. Social media is making everyone feel closer to more people, including strangers, than anytime in history.

Groovy 60s

Social Media for Seniors or use could include a clothing line,  restaurant chain or a marketplace for Boomers

Straight Veg

Veganism - no animal food, clothing or animal use in any way. Perfect for a Vegan food company, restaurant chain, celebrity vegan, or social media maven


A Large food processing company like Tyson, Kraft or Nestle could create a brand for Vegans

Straight Veg



Like landlord but for domains, including email. The term was first used and documented at the SEC in March 2007.  SEE Link For Sample


The owner of the bank and food processing companies listed above could become a Digitlord

Vet Sales

A marketplace to benefit ex military

Ginny Dollginnydoll.comBrandable
Doll Infodollinfo.comBrandable - info web site

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